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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Dreaming of Alaska and 36 crazyfists :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

long time no talking:) sorry for that.
I've been busy..... been to some concerts here n I've heard for the first time Bios (a band from Greece)  n ... ahh.. the vocal was really cute. 
And.. uh... uh.. I'm sick again but I enjoy the summer anyway. 
By the way .. here is something really nice:
Lyrics by Hyro da Hero :
Hey how you doin, excuse me my man
I'm just looking for change, get a bite I could grab
I'm sorry to bother, hope you understand
I misplaced my wallet gettin out of the cab
Oh you don’t have, it’s cool my man
The suit that you're wearing made me think that you had
But why you so rude, my dude, you mad, your attitude could get you stabbed
Give me your money, and give me it fast
I thought you ain't have it, your lying bitch ass
You should have gave money the first time I asked
It’s funny how you start to change so fast,
First you was mean, and now you got class.
All of a sudden, I don't understand,
I changed your life with this knife in my hand

No need to be nervous, this man here is worth it
I'm smart, I'm young, I'm pretty, I'm perfect
You wanna be cool, then don't be a virgin
Why you ain't laughin, just kiddin, I'm flirtin
Why I can't touch you, you scared of this person
I thought I'm your man, you don't love me or somethin
Makin me mad, I'm funna start cursing,
It's been six months, we supposed to be fuckin
I'm tired of waiting, I'm tired of touching
You try and fight back and girl I'm punchin
What, you think my parents goin bust in
Nobody here, you mouth can keep runnin
Tell the whole school, they won’t believe nothing
I'm popular, you're a nobody ????
Wanna be close, then ????
open them legs and stop all the fussin

I gave up on livin, I gave up on life,
Yeah, I'm tired of trying to get all my shit right
Man I gave up on bitches, I gave up on friends
I wish I start over, beginning again
Begin to be wise, and be what I can,
Instead I sit here with this drink in my hand
Thinkin down on myself, feeling less than a man,
Why was I chose to be treated so bad
Don’t try to stop me, I'll be free at last,
Free from the pain, and free from this land
Tell my people I love them, yeah they'll understand,
I'm jumping off, catch me if you can
I tried so hard trying not to get here,
I do realize that I may go to hell
But take me Lord, I don’t want to live,
I don't realize why I'm livin like this

America America the land of the great,
The land of the free, and the land of the fake
Who'd ever thought that I'd make it today,
The black president of the United States
I sit in this office, I pray and I pray,
Cause this nation got people that want me away
List: try, John McCain, George Bush, Hillary,
Assassination is what they say
Obama Osama, they slander my name,
My old ??? give me ??? to preacher the heat
Got drunk off the fame, almost messed up my game
They go at my wife off some little shit she say,
But if you wore her black, then you'll feel the same
It's hard for me, cause this black man gets blamed,
Moreover, if u want.. check out Dead Irons (it's totally sick ... art by Jason Shawn Alexander).