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Monday, December 12, 2011

the Universe

Christmas holidays are almost here and all around me is full with lights, christmas trees and ... some sad people.
I don't know if is because of the holidays or because Mondays always SUCK - but today I also felt so unhappy.

The only thing that can calm me down is dreaming of some other worlds.

Pretending I am walking through a forest and I suddenly go to a different time. There are no houses, no cities, I am in the past - so far away. I could just lay down and watch the trees and the animals around me. I don't have to talk to anyone for days - it is just me and the forest...

Or..pretending I could go to a different planet.Travel around the universe and learn how to fly. I guess it would be great if there is no gravity and you feel so free and nothing is keeping you down.

Sad dreams... I keep on reading about the universe. Will I ever have the chance to get out of this planet?..I know it is funny - but I know it with my heart: there is some other place out there that is especially for me. I truly couldn't care less if there are aliens there. But I want to find this place.

It is so unfair we cannot travel trough the universe ...