Hi there,
I decided to continue posting - you can read here about... me :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I love it I love it:)
It's an amazing song.. I used to like it at school.
I hate everything now. I want to go back ... miss having close friends.


I dive so deep in the sea
To avoid killer whales

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It appears this is my first entry in a month. I guess, just, you know... my life isn't that interesting. I go to the university, to work and ... back to the campus. I don't know what to write. My thoughts .. they are just blank.
This day was cold. The wind was blowing so hard that my eyes were crying and when I finally got to the office my face was in tears and so ..red. Wearily, I'm so sick of this wind, this spring and this town.
Today at work I was alone and was watching through the windows. They are very large windows so I can see the whole terrace and the the blossom trees outside - all white and beautiful. Suddenly the wind took some of the white blossoms and bash them at the window. Then too exhausted to be annoyed all the blossoms crashed in the ground. It was really beautiful. It was just like someone was throwing flowers at me. And at this moment I felt happy :)