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I decided to continue posting - you can read here about... me :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1 day - a letter to my BEST FRIEND

Hi :)
Well, we haven't been talking for like... a year but you are still my best friend.
Hope things with you are just fine cuz I'm doing great.
Oh gosh.. I want to know how are u doing really BUT I'm not going to call u first cuz I guess I'm still mad at U:)huh it sucks u abandoned me for a better friend :S
I miss our pointless conversations and yeah how things used to be ;/
In fact I know that u have a lot of changes recently in your life. I've met a classmate and he actually said u were great and I felt really sorry and angryyyy that I can't be with you.
However, I wanted to tell u about how important u are and how fun it is to be around u!
yeah ...
p.s. hey, I know u like Angel Sanctuary - so u will probably like Devil May Cry, too :*
love u
Your friend


I will start writing today :)
Day 1 - your best friend.
Day 2 - your crush.
Day 3 - your parents.
Day 4 - your sibling.
Day 5 - your dreams.
Day 6 - a stranger.
Day 7 - your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush.
Day 8 - your favourite internet friend.
Day 9 - someone you wish you could meet.
Day 10 - someone you don't talk to as much as you'd like to.
Day 11 - a deceased person you wish you could talk to.
Day 12 - the person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain.
Day 13 - someone you wish could forgive you.
Day 14 - someone you’ve drifted away from.
Day 15 - the person you miss the most.
Day 16 - someone that’s not in your state/country.
Day 17 - someone from your childhood.
Day 18 - the person that you wish you could be.
Day 19 - someone that pesters your mind—good or bad.
Day 20 - the one that broke your heart the hardest.
Day 21 - someone you judged by their first impression.
Day 22 - someone you want to give a second chance to.
Day 23 - the last person you kissed.
Day 24 - the person that gave you your favorite memory.
Day 25 - the person you know that is going through the worst of times.
Day 26 - the last person you made a pinky promise to.
Day 27 - the friendliest person you knew for only one day.
Day 28 - someone that changed your life.
Day 29 - the person that you want tell everything to, but too afraid to.
Day 30 - your reflection in the mirror.

Monday, June 28, 2010


i like such a RUDE BOY ;]]]

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Back Harlow Road

I chose to back off from this open wound,
to sweep this all into the flames.
Scream under the streetlights 'till the voice takes leave.
Life's beautiful miseries.

yeahhhhhh :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

ah.. heart broken ? yeah.. need to buy more glue


PShh..recently,it's like I'm locked in mortal combat. I haven't been drawing for such a long time. Well, could be cause I have some stupid exams and I don;t have a lot of time. It might be a good idea if I just stop all this stupid reading cus I don't get any wiser ... whatever. My last exam is on July, 12. So yeah... I wish I had something.. I don't know... Something long-term to look forward to. It might make university feel a little bit more worthwhile.

Soon is the festival! So the next week is all about dancing, good music and a lot of fun :) although I had some bad times, I hope it will be better...I guess all of the people around me are some conceited self-possessed ego freaks who just flaunt it and be proud of it. But I think that the festival will be nice:P
Yeah.. have a nice weekend:)
p.s. I've decided to write here more often :)))))

Thursday, June 17, 2010

hit, miss, miss again

Fog drifted up over the lake
Through my body and over my face
It knew I was alone
I'm feeling it now
This blanket is water
And it's holding me down
I am sinking today
Cold, black deep
Liquid night
All the others are just
Fat, chattering faces
Eating me, beating me
Helping me drown.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

she killed poetry

i've tried to find the album of "She Killed Poetry" but there was only one song available on the internet ;/
me = i killed poetry :PP