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Sunday, November 1, 2009

too exhausted to be annoyed

This weekend was Halloween and I had the best costume ever.. but the party was some sort of giant constructing -tourist-areas- coca-cola - party ( I HAD TO STUUDYYYY ;/ ). I know it sounds pathetic but between the projects, accounting, the classes and my extra projects (hahahA), I have too much on my plate already. I wish I could have two plates :) Or maybe a chafing dish :)
Nothing interesting round me except I was freezing to death yesterday when I had to go to the City Center because of some meetings. Not that it's something that surprise me it's November already and I guess it will be snowing very soon.
And...I play the game Castle Age when I'm not writing my projects. I don't know how to win in the battles... they all kill me ..lol and I hate to be so bored!!! My blog is such a mess...
Sorry, it's just I have no real social life anymore.

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