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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

hellbounds on my trail

blah , blah, blah?
this day is strange. n there are some lame girls round me.. it's really boring to play nice with all of them... I see how a thousand people are relish to take down some others... what's all that for? How desperate can you be to act like that ?
I'm kind of okay with that though:)
At least I don't have to go trough my whole life, worried my best friend will humilate and betray me, cuz I know it already.
mmmm let's face it-- D. hates everyone lately. No wonder I listen to Children of Bodom a lot - especially their last album... which is so... pretty:)
That's all I can write today, cuz there is nothing interesting to talk about, I'm just trying to do all of my projects at the uni which makes me feel sick.
def need to go back home for a day...
okay goodnight (zzzz)

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