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Monday, April 6, 2009

the umbrella academy

Recently, I had some free time and spend it reading this comics.

It is written by Gerard Way (* the lead vocalist of My Chemical Romance) which proves nothing really. It could be just as tasteless as all the things I've read recently. Art is by Gabriel Ba and it's great.. no.. but interesting.

And obviously , this whole thing wasn't what I was expecting.

The story is bout 7 superheroes who reunite after their father's death( in fact Sir Reginald Hargreeves is their adoptive father). My best of them all is number 00.05 (the future). He is cool cuz he looks like a child but he is much more older and ...obviously he can travel through space.. Well, I haven't read the whole story yet cuz I hate reading in a hurry but I needed to write about it here.

You should all read it cuz it's kind of different and there aren't too much information to be lost in.

And let's face it Gerard Way's style of writing is wealth, privilege n atrocious.

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