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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1 day - a letter to my BEST FRIEND

Hi :)
Well, we haven't been talking for like... a year but you are still my best friend.
Hope things with you are just fine cuz I'm doing great.
Oh gosh.. I want to know how are u doing really BUT I'm not going to call u first cuz I guess I'm still mad at U:)huh it sucks u abandoned me for a better friend :S
I miss our pointless conversations and yeah how things used to be ;/
In fact I know that u have a lot of changes recently in your life. I've met a classmate and he actually said u were great and I felt really sorry and angryyyy that I can't be with you.
However, I wanted to tell u about how important u are and how fun it is to be around u!
yeah ...
p.s. hey, I know u like Angel Sanctuary - so u will probably like Devil May Cry, too :*
love u
Your friend

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  1. p.s. well, I though I would write to my sister, but then I saw there is a day for Sibilings :)